Saturday, 18 July 2015

Karate belt grading at Sidds Karate Dojo, Mumbai

Belt Examination at Sid's KWFJKA Karate Dojo : 2nd July 2015

 It may be that the deep necessity of art is the examination of self deception'. Shihan did not just sit and take exams of the six students there,he got them out of their self deception,he helped them to help themselves.Rather than admonishing the students for going down the wrong path,he showed them the right one.           
 It was a beautiful evening in the dojo with only pure karate pouring out from everywhere. Shihan began the exams with Kihon,telling the students how they could make it better,showing them how to do it and then making them do it. It was a perfect example of how things should be taught,how an examination is to be conducted,how we are supposed to motivate our fellow people,not just in karate but in all walks of life.              
While taking kumite exams,Shihan told us about how we could correlate it with life.When your attacking,give your 100 percent,complete offense,holding nothing back,and when your defending see to it that you are the one controlling your opponent. A useful skill in all the different kinds of negotiations we face in life.              
To be a great Champion,you must believe you are the best,if you are not,pretend you are'- by the great Muhammad Ali. Shihan reiterated this point while taking kata examinations.
He explained how knowing nothing but having great confidence is any day better than knowing everything and having no confidence in ones own self.                
Shihan explained to the students how proper kime, maai, compression expansion,body language,nyore and focus is essential to be a good Martial Artist.

It was not an exam,it was a Mini Seminar for the 7 students out there,yes 7 not 6 as by the end of it the Instructor of those 6 students had turned into a student again.

Siddharth Desai